Something Old Yet Completely New

Written By: Heather Crook

We all know times have changed. Something used in the 1960s could be used now for a completely different purpose. In the earlier times, a garter was positioned right below the knee to hold the stocking. It would also be used to secure money or other personal items. Typically, they are very popular when it comes to bridal wear. In this day and age we see them in many different colors, designs, and worn on many different occasions.

Do not always expect white lace and brides. Prom garters have become very popular as well. Being targeted for those of younger ages, they come in fun and flirty designs. Polkadots are very popular; along with the sexy leopard design which never seems to go out of style. During homecoming, a garter can be customized with special school colors and can be worn by the homecoming queen.

Custom-made designs can be made for originality or even have writing on them to remember a special event. A bride can personalize this possession with her and the the groom’s name and the date of their special day to add sentiment. Cute keepsake boxes are even sold along with some for safekeeping.

Garters can turn a simple slip into something more intimate when worn with stockings and clips. The belts can add extra length to your legs. And since they come in an assorted variety, get some to complement your personal sense of style and different themes to accompany your different moods. Dress up as a nurse and add one with a red cross and a little white. If you are in the mood to go over the top, there are garters made with bells.

A garter can add that extra oomph to your look. It can help you reach the look you are going for. Whether sexy, fun, flirty, or classy, finding one to suit your own particular taste can be fun and surprising. You will be surprised when you realize that there is a lot more to something that once was used for a single purpose – to hold a pair of stockings up.

Five easy chair exercises for mobility-challenged seniors

Written By: by Hilary L

Exercise should be a priority for everyone over the age of 65. Not only does it promote the wellness of the physical body, but it also contributes significantly to a sound and balanced mind. Unfortunately, many seniors walk with a cane, otherwise have limited mobility or just don’t have the ability to get “out and about” as much as they would like.

For these folks, exercise can be somewhat problematic. So, with that thought in mind, we thought a short list of exercises that can be done from the comfort of a chair in the senior’s own home would be helpful. Here are five exercises that are easy to do, but also reap solid rewards if done regularly:

Ankle circles – Rotate the ankle by first moving the toes of the right foot in a circular manner. Start by moving them in a clockwise direction and then in a counter-clockwise one. Repeat the exercise in the same manner with the left foot. Overall, this exercise is great for total leg flexibility, not just the foot.

Leg pulsesWith your back firmly against the back of the chair, extend your lower leg forward. Now, tighten the kneecap as if you are punching on the accelerator of your car. Repeat four times and then repeat with the other leg. This exercise is surprisingly good at increasing the blood flow in the lower extremities.

Working the backsideSimply squeezing the muscle group in and around the gluteus maximus – that’s your butt – will strengthen anyone’s entire lower abdominal area. The exercise can be done while watching TV, in bed at night or even while sitting on the toilet. The strengthening that it engenders will, in turn, make everything – from getting up from a chair to walking – easier to do.

Strengthening the lower backPlace the elbows so that they are just touching the sides of the body and then extend your arms, keeping the hands palm side up as if your are holding a tray. Next, alternately pull each elbow back while squeezing your shoulder blades. Repeat the process four times in all. You will almost immediately feel the effect at the top of your back and improve your posture immeasurably.

Improving the upper bodyTo do this exercise properly, simply stare straight ahead, lift your arms from the side of your body up toward the ceiling in a smooth arc until the backs of your hands touch above your head. Keep your fingers stretched as you do so. Repeat the process eight times as slowly as possible for best effect. If you are doing it right, you will definitely feel the burn in the morning.

A final thought If you can only find time for one exercise every day, make it the last one – and do it twice. It improves your circulation, your overall mobility and the dexterity of your fingers in a 30 second process. Maybe you will even gain some motivation to try the other ones. They are definitely worth it and only take a few minutes every day.

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