Best Broadband

Written By: Heather Crook

What is the best broadband internet connection? First let’s consider that there are fundamentally six types of broadband internet connections to choose from. Below we will consider the following: DSL, (also known as Digital Subscriber Line), cable modem, wireless, satellite, and BPL (also known as Broadband over Power-lines).

When looking for the best broadband internet connection technology, one must take into account a number of considerations such as location, and how broadband internet is packaged in that location. The DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) connection is a traditional copper wired technology. If your ISP (Internet Service Provider) offers DSL, this option would be the best broadband choice for temporary or short-term connections as it transmits over existing home or business telephone lines. In terms of DSL connection speed, this may vary depending on location and distance from the nearest ISP.

Not unlike DSL, cable modem services can be provided through existing cable lines, with broadband-level internet connection. Broadband cable speeds are comparable to DSL at around 1.5 Mbps.

The wireless broadband option uses a radio signal connection between the ISP and the customer. The wireless option is typically cheaper than any cable-type Internet connection; however attenuation (signal loss) is more likely. In terms of speed wireless is typically comparable to DSL.

The satellite option is actually another version of a wireless broadband internet connection. This option is commonly used in very remote and unpopulated areas. Broadband satellite may, however, be slower than DSL and cable modem speeds. Moreover, service signals can be disrupted or interrupted due to weather conditions.

Another broadband Internet option uses existing low- to medium-voltage power lines to carry a network signal. BPL or (Broadband over Power Line) is also very close in speed to that of DSL and cable modem. BPL exists in very limited areas, however power lines are nearly everywhere.

The best in terms of broadband is situation sensitive.